Hidden Powder Mountain
in Akita, Japan
What’s Akita

Akita Prefecture is 390 KM straight north of Tokyo. When hearing Akita, many people imagine the dog, "Japanese Akita". They originated from this region. Akita Prefecture is known for its beautiful nature, the "Akita Beauty"(It is said that there are many beautiful women in Akita), delicious rice named "Akita Komachi" which is also a shinkansen name, and "Akita Sake". Akita is filled with resources. In Akita Prefecture, there are hot springs, along with many local crafts and "festivals" that you can visit. The "Deep Japan" that you imagine is located here in Akita.

You can enjoy the backcountry ski and snowboard of Akita roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes from Tokyo Station, traveling in a bright red Akita Shinkansen "Komachi". There is a powder snow mountain not very well known, the Tazawako Snow Area and backcountry area of Mt.Komagatake.

How to get Akita
Located in the north of Honshu, Akita Prefecture faces the Sea of Japan in the west and is bordered by four other prefectures: Aomori in the north, Iwate in the east, Miyagi in the southeast, and Yamagata in the south. See detail to access.
Akita Snow

A hidden paradise that not many foreign travelers know about. Powdery Snow that everyone admires "JAPOW" is here, at "Tazawako Snow Area".

There are many course difficulties so even Intermediate and Advanced skiers can enjoy. You can also hike up from the ski area to enjoy the backcountry.

○For first times, we recommend this tour! Tazawako Camp & Tour Guide(Japanese) 【e-mail】

○There are many course difficulties so even Intermediate and Advanced skiers can enjoy in this Tazawako Ski Area.(English)

Onsen -Hot Springs-

15 minutes by car from Tazawako Ski Area, the "Nyuto Onsen-Kyo" has 7 different legendary hot springs hidden deep in the mountains. Each of the hot springs has a different source, and each spring has a unique and wild outside bath. It screams, “THE Japanese Onsen”. And there are some Onsen near hear. Only 5 minutes by walk, you can reach to Mizusawa Onsen-Kyo. 5 minutes by bus, to Tazawako high land Onsen-Kyo.

Tour Information
(Free run in Backcountry Area)

1. Guided Tours


Half day: 9,500JPY (one guest), 5,200JPY per guest for a group of two or more people.
One day: 18,000JPY (one guest), 9,500JPY per guest for a group of two or more people.
*Lift fee is not included in the price.

・Private Tour

48,000JPY (Up to 6 guests)

2. About free run at backcountry area

When you are in Free run in the backcountry area, please make sure to respect our local rules.(Check below about the details.)

・Area Map

・Local rule

・B.C. Area Pass Application

3. For any inquiries

Please feel free to contact Tazawako Tourist Association whenever you will have any other question! We will reply you as soon as possible with detailed information.