Address Yurihonjo City, Chokaimachi, Momoyake
Access 40 minutes drive from Yuri Kogen Railway Yashima Station

*In winter(from beginning of November to end of April), the road will be closed.

Outline The waterfall in Yurihonjo city, Akita Prefecture. It’s called Hottai-no-taki, snowmelt from Mt. Chokai gather, flow over three-stage, look magnificent. This waterfall has a difference of 57.4 meters in elevation and has been selected as one of Japan's 100 major waterfalls. The origin of the name “Hottai” has been said to be named from the fact that the form is similar to the robe that monk is wearing. 
Several kind of acer, ivy, sorbus, and beech will be changed color between early and late October and it’s the best time to see autumn leaves.
Upstream “Tamada valley” of the Hottai waterfall has a hiking trail about 2.5km to appreciate beech and the valley beauty.
Inquiries Yurihonjo City Chokai General Branch Office Industries Department (Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section) TEL 0184-57-2205