Hinai Torinoichi (Chicken Festival)

Address Odate City Hinaimachi Ougita
Access 10 minutes walk from JR Ougida Station, 20 minutes drive from Towada Interchange
Outline This is a festival with the local symbol "Hinai dori chicken" as the theme.You can see local traditional performing arts and various chickens,have fun with the "Human Hinai-dori Long Crewing Contest" or "Hinai-jidori Derby" for a chance to win delicious chicken, eat the skewered and roasted "Hinai-jidori Sembayaki," and buy souvenirs.  
Inquiries Odata City Hinai General Branch Office Products Department TEL 0186-55-0043 Incorporated Foundation Hinaimachi Tourism Development Corporation TEL 0186-55-1000