Reopening of Lake Taihei

Address Greenhouse in Taihei Lake, Kitaakita City
Access 50 minutes drive from Akita Inland Traverse Railway Animaeda Station to Taiheiko Green House
Outline Lake Taihei is an artificial lake which was made according to the completion of Moriyoshi Dam. The lake has been closed during the winter due to the heavy snow .Excursion boats will begin operations. You will see Mt. Moriyoshi crowned with remaining snow from the boat. As you cross the lake, Komatakyo (the gorge with a primeval forest) will come into your sight. You can see the view of fresh green leaves and over 100 waterfalls of various sizes while trekking the stream. 
Inquiries Kitaakita City Tourist Information Center "Shikibikan" TEL 0186-75-3188 Mataginosato Tourism Development Corporation TEL 0186-84-2612