Takashimizu “KURA//KURA”


4-12 Kawamoto Mutsumi-machi, Akita-shi, Akita 010-0934, JAPAN

Access about 25 minutes by bus from JR Akita Station East Exist
Outline Japanese sake brewery Takashimizu has opened “KURA//KURA” in their premises. You can enjoy tasting sake and shopping there.
The facility was established by reforming the brewery’s old storehouse where their brewing tools had been kept in. You can taste 4 kinds of sake and the water prepared for brewing there. Their exclusive sake named “Waga Sankai” and “Jizoden”, apron and tote bag with their company logo are sold only in KURA//KURA and on their shopping website.
You can learn the brewing process in “Sennin-gura” next to KURA//KURA (please make a reservation to visit). You may be able to watch the brewer make sake in winter if the timing is right. On the 2nd floor, it showcases old tools for brewing. The exhibision makes you think of their history.
In addition to the interesting explanation, staff’s charming personality is also the attractive point of visiting the brewery. Let’s enjoy listening to the inside stories of sake.
Open only on weekdays (closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
Morning 10:00-12:00
Afternoon 13:00-16:30
3 times a day (1 tour is for about 1 and a half hours), reservation is required.
10:30-, 13:30-, 15:00-
◯Please make a reservation from the form below◯