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Akita Prefecture Sightseeing and Transportation Guide App

Show you to any tourist spots where you want to go!!
Full of useful infomation♪



 Route Search 

◎ You can search the route to the destination using public transportation.
◎ You can check the required time and fee to the destination.
◎ You can check the route on the map.
◎ You can easily search from your current location by GPS.
◎ You can set the time you like and search.
◎ Touch the map, and you can search any destinations from any starting spots you like.




◎ You can search facility guide from area, categories and keywords.
◎ It is convenient with route guide function by walking and route bus.




 Event Information

◎ You will get the seasonal events and information.
◎ You can check it easily from the calender.
◎ It will also show you directions to the events venue.



 Recommended Sightseeing Route

◎ Provide a recommended course for Akita Travel !
◎ The itinerary of the day will be completed just choose your favorite course, day trip course or accommodation course !


◎ You can download from here !



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