Enjoy the Town of Kakunodate by Rickshaw!

Enjoy the Town of Kakunodate by Rickshaw!

Visit Kakunodate, famous for its street of Samurai Houses, by rickshaw.

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①Kakunodate Rickshaw Company ②Ohfutei ③Rickshaw Kakunodate Kizunaya
①③*Hours: 9:00~17:00
②*Hours: 9:00~16:30
*Closed: ①Available daily. By reservation only during winter period, Dec to Mar
②③Closed Dec to Mar
*Please inquire about events.
①About 15-min. 3,000 yen ②About 30-min. 5,000 yen ③About 60-min. 9,000 yen
*Fee for 1 rickshaw (for 2 persons). Admission fees are not included.
*The tour focuses mainly on the area around Bukeyashiki-dori Street (samurai houses).
If you have any request, please consult the rickshaw driver on the day of the tour.
Reservations not accepted

①Kakunodate Rickshaw Company
34 Kakunodate-machi Kobito-machi, Semboku-shi, Akita 014-0324
14 Iwase Nakasugasawa, Kakunodate-machi, Semboku-shi, Akita 014-0316
③Rickshaw Kakunodate Kizunaya
10 Kakunodate-machi Iwase-machi, Semboku-shi, Akita 014-0316
(In Japanese only)

Comments from the experienced!

  • Rent a kimono to fully immerse yourself
  • in the culture!
  • A professional guide will take you
  • through this beautiful town.
  • Lots of great Instagram spots!
  • The quiet townscape is even nicer by
  • rickshaw!
  • You can go solo or as a pair.