Farm Inns

Farm Inns

Experience a stay with farmers who live there. Recommended if you want to have an experience of a rural life.

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<Tazawako Area>
Farm Inn Teruko AED Installed Inn/Kamado AED Installed Inn
Pension Magobei/Minshuku Jinkichi/Minshuku Sounosuke/Minshuku
Hikoroku/Minshuku Magoroku/Donguri Sanso/Kayo-no-Sato Kishiro/Lodge Yama-
no-Uta AED Installed Inn/Aoni Sanso/Pension Climber/Log House Sennin/Pension
Shiroihoshi/Lodge Yodel/Sannojo/Haruyama Sanso Kazeno Matasaburo/Pension
Sounds Good! AED Installed Inn/Farm Inn Furusato/Farm Inn Yamaboshi
<Kakunodate Area>
Farm Inn Midorinokaze/Farm Inn Iori/Farm Inn Nishinoie
<Nishiki Area>
Farm Inn Ichinoe/Farm Inn Taizando/Minshuku Satonoakari/Farm Inn
Nodoka/Kurinoki/Farm Inn Ichisuke/Farm Inn Seisetsukan/Farm Inn Katsura
Please check with each facility.
Advanced reservation required.
Available Languages
Japanese only
Akita Prefecture Semboku City Tourism, Commerce and
Industry Section, Agricultural Mountain Village Experience Design Office
47 Kobota, Kamiarai, Nishiki-cho, Semboku-shi, Akita 014-0592
(In Japanese only)

Comments from the experienced!

  • You can experience daily life of farmers.
  • A friendly family is waiting for you!
  • You’ll feel at home and forget the time.