Inner-Storehouse Tour

Inner-Storehouse Tour

Take a walk through this townscape with beautiful storehouses. There’s a special meaning to the construction of the storehouse within a house. Take a peek inside a different world.

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weekdays: 10:00~16:00
(However, some days are unavailable for a visit due to our company
events.) *When there are no company events, you can visit without
any reservation, during business hours.
Irregular holidays on Sat, Sun, and National Holidays.
Admission Ticket: 200 yen per person
*The ticket includes a 200 yen discount coupon you can use for a
purchase of 1000 yen or more.
*With the purchase of a ticket, you can also try sake tasting.
Please make a reservation by FAX or e-mail if possible.
Hinomaru Jozo Co. Ltd.
114-2 Masuda Nanokamachi, Masuda-machi, Yokote-shi,
Akita 019-0701
(In Japanese only)

Comments from the experienced!

  • You can see many beautiful storehouses.
  • The town is a beautiful area for a walk.
  • Try a special meal made with fermented
  • food!
  • There are storehouses you can see with no
  •  entry fee.