Oyasu Gorge
Giant Hot Spring Fountain

Oyasu Gorge Giant Hot Spring Fountain

The Oyasu Ravine was created by the raging torrents of the Minase River, eroding away both sides of the valley over many years. Here is where you can get the best view of the Oyasu Gorge’s ‘Giant Hot Spring Fountain,‘ where the water boils at 98℃ and steam gushes intensely, like the Earth is exhaling. Spring is in fresh green, autumn is colored by the leaves. In winter, you can see large icicles hanging down the gorge.

  • Oyasu Gorge <br>
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  • Oyasu Gorge <br>
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Comments from the experienced!

  • This is a spectacular natural wonder, where steam
  • blows out in front of you!
  • The beauty of autumn leaves is a must-see.
  • This is a superb view point of an unexplored region.
  • The hot spring here is good for your skin.