Event Train

Event Train

We operate various seasonal event trains, such as an Open Brewery Train, an Ohinakko Train, and a Bonenkai Party Train.

  • Event Train-1
  • Event Train-2
  • Event Train-3
① Koinobori Train
April – May
Interval of operation: Ugo-Honjo - Yajima
② Tanabata Train
June – July
Interval of operation:
Yajima 9:56 → Ugo-Honjo 10:37
Ugo-Honjo 10:46 → Yajima 11:25
③ Beer train
Around July
Interval of operation:
Ugo-Honjo 16:45 → Yajima 17:24
Yajima 17:55 → Ugo-Honjo 18:36
*Other special plans include the Christmas Train, Snow Season Opening Party Train, and Ohinakko Train.
(In Japanese only)

Comments from the experienced!

  • An event train for children.
  • It’s great that it comes with drinks.
  • There are many fun events.