Fruit picking

Fruit picking

In Kagaya Orchard in Katagami you can enjoy fruit picking of pears and grapes. It is also possible to purchase. There is also rice such as "Akitakomachi", "Hitomebore", etc., for sale.

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Orchard opening period
all year
We will close as soon as the fruit is gone
Also, you can freely explore the orchard throughout the year.
・Grapes late August to the middle of October (high season September to early October)
・Pears late August to late October (high season September to early October)
・Apples Early September to late November (high season the middle of October to November)
・Kiwi November 1st until they are gone (call to check)
Orchard opening time
9:00 to 5:00
Free orchard entrance fee
・We will settle at the weighing station what you have harvested freely, and you can purchase it.
・Please enjoy the fruit at the rest stop outside the orchard after purchasing.
[Harvest price]
Price differences are due to differences in types
・Grapes (kg)  400 to 1000 JPY
・Pears (kg)  400 to 600 JPY
・Apples (kg)  350 to 400 JPY
・Kiwi (kg) 450 JPY
Implementing organization
Kagaya Orchard
Contact destination
Zip 010-0201
1-1 Shimodeto, Tenno, Katagami, Akita-ken
(In Japanese only)

Comments from the experienced!

  • Have fun eating fresh fruit!