Semboku Area Model Route

Semboku Area Model Route

  • Walk along Bukeyashiki-dori (No. 2)
  • Lake Tazawa kayaking tour (No. 47)
  • Heart Herb Garden (No. 59)

First day

  • Lake Tazawa kayaking tour (No. 47)

    Tazawako lake is one of the deepest in Japan, standing at a depth of 423.4 meters.
    Come visit a tranquil lake nestled inside of beautiful greenery! Row out. It is refreshing seeing the mountains and sky from a different viewpoint. A place that is away from human disruption allows us to forget the hustle and bustle of daily life.

  • Heart Herb Garden (No. 59)

    Apply the Kamatari Japanese paper on a white square frame and arrange pressed flowers and herbs on it. Mini art stands around the room decorating it.

  • Mountain Honey House

    A bee basket knitted with straw, bee skep, welcomes you!
    The name of the honey shop in the mountains, "BEE - SKEP" comes from this bee basket. Back in the day, beekeepers kept bees in baskets knitted with straw.
    Please freely taste and find your favorite honey.

Second day

  • Walk along Bukeyashiki-dori (No. 2)

    Let’s visit a samurai residence
    dressed in an antique kimono and make a special memory of your trip.

  • Kabazaiku (cherry bark art) experience (No. 56)

    A traditional craftwork of Semboku city’s Kakunoda district which uses Yamazakura's leather, and started as samurai's in-house workers during the Edo period. Enjoy making birch work that is designated as the "traditional craftwork" of the country.

Semboku Area Model Route

Day Itinerary Lodging Site
First day Start Akita Station or Tazawako Station Nyuto Hot Spring Town
Travel time Approx. 1 hr 30 mins / Approx. 30 mins
Experience Walk around Lake Tazawa
Travel time 0 mins / Approx. 10 mins
Experience Lake Tazawa kayaking tour (No. 47)
Experience Heart Herb Garden (No. 59)
Travel time Approx. 10 mins / Approx. 5 mins
Experience Mountain Honey House
Travel time Approx.15 mins
Second day Start Nyuto Hot Spring Town
Travel time Approx. 45 mins
Experience Walk along Bukeyashiki-dori (No. 2)
Travel time Approx. 5 mins
Experience Kabazaiku (cherry bark art) experience (No. 56)
For each destination *Travel time estimates are for travel by car.